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Send Letter of Opposition to Parole Board

2/8/2011 3:42:51 PM

Earlier today, we sent you an e-newsletter asking you to take action by sending a letter of opposition to the NYS Board of Parole and included a link to the Parole Board’s online submission form. We have discovered that the pre-written letter we included exceeded the character limit of the online form. Below is our original e-newsletter to you, along with an updated opposition letter that will fit into the online submission form. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Dear PBA members and supporters:
            We are writing to ask for your support and action to ensure that a convicted felon who was involved in the killing of a New York State Police Investigator decades ago remains in prison. Larry Comfort, who was an accomplice to his trigger-pulling brother in the killing of Inv. Robert L. VanHall Jr., won an appeal filed in response to his parole denial from January 2010. Comfort has now been granted a “de novo” hearing, which essentially means a new hearing with a different panel. Although an exact date has not been scheduled for the de novo hearing, it will be held prior to April 2011.
            We need your help to ensure Comfort is denied parole and kept in prison, where he belongs.
             Investigator VanHall, who dedicated his life to serving and protecting the public, worked undercover in the war against drugs and was on duty on December 5, 1980 when he was murdered.  He was shot in the back with a sawed-off, double barreled shotgun, and his aorta was severed by a deer slug. His partner was also wounded. 
             The PBA has been in contact with the VanHall family, and they are of course strongly opposed to parole for this accomplice. We have ensured that the VanHall family is in contact with the Division of Parole to have their voices heard. 
             In the past, we were able to send pre-written letters of opposition to the Parole Board via the CapWiz function on the PBA web site. However, at this time the Parole Board is not accepting that type of mass e-mail and is instead using an online form on their own web site.
             To send a letter of opposition to the Board of Parole, please visit their web site by clicking on the following link:
After you fill out your personal information, you will see fields for “Din,” “Inmate Name” and “Subject of Your Email.” Here is what you will type in:
Din:  82C0274
Inmate Last Name:  Comfort
Inmate First Name:  Larry
Subject of Your Email:  Letter of Opposition

              Then, in the “Comments” box, you can cut and paste the following letter:

As a New York State Trooper, I oppose the parole of Larry Comfort, who was an accomplice to the murder of State Police Investigator Robert L. VanHall Jr.  Investigator VanHall was shot in the back and his aorta was severed by a deer slug. Comfort was an accomplice to his trigger-pulling brother in this unconscionable murder. Comfort has no respect for the criminal justice system or the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect the public. The tragedy of the death of a State Police Investigator, husband, father, brother, and son would be compounded by the release of Comfort.

            Since the hearing date is not finalized yet and we want to ensure any delays within the parole system are mitigated, we are imploring you to take the following action IMMEDIATELY. 
            Please take the time to take action on this important endeavor!

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