Bill dropped after PBA and other law enforcement groups voice opposition

NYS Senate Minority Leader David Paterson, who is also a candidate for lieutenant governor, has officially pulled legislation that would have essentially required police officers to shoot-to-wound rather than utilizing the most effective means possible to stop an assailant about to use deadly physical force.

Strong opposition from not only the State Troopers PBA, but also from other major police associations, helped convince Sen. Paterson to drop the proposed legislation. We appreciate that Sen. Paterson took the viewpoint of law enforcement into consideration and listened to our concerns when pulling this bill.

Our opposition was reported in the New York Daily News last week when the legislative proposal was brought to light.

The PBA will remain vigilant in opposing bills that would place Troopers and law enforcement officers in danger and would clearly not be in the best interest of public safety.

Below is a link to an article in Newsday reporting the bill had been dropped.

Click here for a link to the article in Newsday