State Troopers PBA Mourns the Line-of-Duty Death of Trooper Christopher Skinner

The following is a statement from New York State Troopers PBA President Thomas H. Mungeer:

The New York State Troopers PBA mourns the loss of one of our members, Trooper Christopher Skinner, a dedicated public servant who made the ultimate sacrifice. Tragically, Trooper Skinner is the 15th member of the New York State Police to die in the line of duty since 2006, and the fifth line-of-duty death in the New York State Police in the last 10 months.

As Trooper Skinner’s tragic death illustrates, the job of a New York State Trooper is difficult and dangerous, and no day is ever routine.

Troopers share a unique bond and as such, form a tight-knit family across New York state as well as the entire country. Any time a Trooper is injured or killed, all Troopers, both active and retired, feel sorrow and empathy.

The PBA, as the labor union, will assist with arrangements for the line-of-duty death funeral, as well as assist Trooper Skinner’s family and fellow Troopers with whatever needs arise.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Trooper Skinner’s family, friends and fellow Troopers.