Tpr amputee celebrates 1year anniversary of return to work

The State Troopers PBA congratulates Trooper Matthew Swartz as he celebrates his one-year anniversary this week (Oct. 10) of returning to full and strenuous duty following his recovery from an off-duty car crash that resulted in severe injuries, including having his left leg amputated below the knee.

Since his return, Trooper Swartz continues to excel at everything he attempts. He has also helped counsel and set a great example for other members of law enforcement and the public who have had limbs amputated.

In August, Trooper Swartz ran a 5-mile race that wound around Central Park in New York City, the Hope and Possibilities run. He placed third in the below-knee amputation ambulatory division, with a time of 49 minutes and 17 seconds. In fact, Trooper Swartz had so much motivation left after finishing the race that he returned and again ran the last portion of the race with other participants of the Freedom Team to cheer them on to the finish line. Trooper Swartz, being a military veteran, participated on a team with 72 amputee soldiers from Walter Reed and Brooke Army Medical Centers. More than 3,000 runners participated in the event.

Trooper Swartz continues to be recognized for his achievements. On Sept. 5, Congressman Michael McNulty presented Trooper Swartz with a flag that was flown for the day in his honor, over the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on June 8. Trooper Swartz also received a certificate stamped by Congress, and signed by both Congressman McNulty and the U.S. Engineer who hoisted and removed the flag during that day.

In May, the NYS Senate and Assembly passed separate State Resolutions honoring Trooper Swartz for his honor, courage and dedication to public service, law enforcement and the community.

Other law enforcement agencies are also recognizing Trooper Swartz for what he has overcome. Trooper Swartz has been honored by the Toronto Police, and had a story about him published in a magazine for members of the Michigan State Police.

The State Troopers PBA is extremely proud of Trooper Swartz. He has overcome overwhelming obstacles and continues to excel in his career and his life. He is an inspiration to everyone.

Trooper Matthew Swartz holds the certificate with the Valley Forge (made in the USA) Flag in the presentation box