PBA: How to Donate to Help Troopers

The New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association is proud to help Troopers Brent Karow and Shane Swartz in a number of ways, including financially. The PBA’s charity, the Signal 30 Benefit Fund, is accepting donations on behalf of these Troopers.

The Signal 30 Fund was created to support the members of the New York State Police and their families in extraordinary circumstances such as line-of-duty death, illness, injury, and loss of residence to fires or floods. The charity was named after a “Signal 30,” which is a Trooper’s radio call for help. It is only used when he or she needs immediate assistance in an emergency.

“I’m very proud that 100 percent of donations through the Signal 30 Fund are given to beneficiaries. This is the only authorized fund created by Troopers for Troopers,” said PBA President Thomas H. Mungeer. “I’ve been involved with the Signal 30 Fund since its inception, and I’m honored to be a part of this worthwhile charity.”

By donating through the Signal 30 Fund, 100 percent of the funds earmarked for Troopers will go directly to them – there are no administrative fees. The NYS Troopers PBA Signal 30 Fund is a federally recognized 501 (c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible.

In the last year, some of the families who received financial assistance from the PBA’s Signal 30 Fund included: the family of Trooper Joel R. Davis, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in Philadelphia, N.Y. in July 2017 while responding to a domestic disturbance; the family of Trooper Joseph J. Gallagher, who continues to receive medical care in a rehabilitation facility for injuries received when he was struck by a vehicle while assisting a motorist on the Long Island Expressway in December; and an increasing number of Troopers who are undergoing treatment for cancer related to their deployment to New York City in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Donations to the Signal 30 Fund can be made by check or credit card. Checks can be made payable to: NYS Troopers Signal 30 Benefit Fund, and mailed to: NYS Troopers PBA Signal 30 Benefit Fund, 120 State St., Albany, NY 12207. Online donations can be made through the Signal 30 website https://signal30.org/online-donations/ or through the PBA website at www.nystpba.org and click on “Donate to Signal 30 Fund.”

To donate specifically to Troopers Karow and Swartz, please include their names in the memo line of the check, or for online donations, type in their names in the box that asks if the money is for a specific fundraising event.