The Ultimate Sacrifice

Routine patrol duties are never ‘routine.’ Danger can be found in every aspect of a Trooper’s job, from a traffic stop along the side of a highway to a manhunt for a serial killer. State Troopers PBA members risk their lives every day while serving and protecting you. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of their duties. Below is a list of New York State Troopers who have been killed in the line of duty, along with links to web sites that honor fallen law enforcement officers.

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  • HENRY W BENNETT (10/1/1918) from the Spanish Flu pandemic.
  • JAMES V BROWNE (5/28/1919) from the Spanish Flu pandemic.


  • JAMES N SKIFF(5/25/1920) of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.
  • WILLIAM H CURLEY(10/2/1922) from injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident.
  • HAROLD C. MATTICE(4/28/1923) shot in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun.
  • ROY A DONIVAN(10/8/1923) after being shot while he and a fellow Trooper confronted highway robbers.
  • THEODORE DOBBS(9/29/1924) from injuries and complications from a motorcycle accident.
  • ALEXANDER E BOEHM(11/13/1924) after injuries and complications after a horse-related injury.
  • JAMES B LOSCO(7/7/1925) in a motorcycle accident.
  • PHILLIP E GONTERMAN(9/25/1925) in a motorcycle accident.
  • ERNEST F RUDD(10/5/1925) in a collision with a train.
  • THOMAS J SCANLON(10/5/1925) in a collision with a train.
  • ANDREW J. LAWRENCE(9/17/1926) a motorcycle accident.
  • CHARLES M. McGINN(6/20/1927) a motorcycle accident.
  • HARRY J. WHEELER(7/15/1927) in a motorcycle accident.
  • WALTER CROASDALE(8/22/1927) an auto accident.
  • ARNOLD T. RASMUSSEN(9/8/1927) after being shot in the head along with Trooper Roy.
  • ROBERT J ROY(9/8/1927) of a gunshot wound to the head while attempting to serve a petit larceny warrant with Tpr. Rasmussen.
  • ERNEST M. SIMPSON(12/1/1927) in an auto accident.
  • JOHN J. LANE(5/13/1928) when he fell backward over a stairway railing.
  • EDWARD F. DOLPHIN(8/6/1928) in motorcycle accident.
  • CARL T WILDER(9/7/1928) was shot and killed by an unknown assailant.



  • JOHN J. CAHILL(2/23/1930) in a motorcycle accident
  • EDWARD J. SWEENEY(5/17/1930) in a motorcycle accident.
  • JOHN L. FURLONG(3/31/1930) in an automobile accident.
  • LEROY J. BAKER(8/24/1930) when he was electrocuted at an accident scene.
  • JAMES M. MACLARNON(1/19/1931) in a pedestrian/auto accident.
  • JOHN E. FREY(3/18/1931) after being shot through the heart while transporting prisoners.
  • GARLAND BLAIR(10/21/1931) in an auto accident.
  • MARTIN E. RYAN(11/26/1931) after an auto accident.
  • THEOPHILUS GAINES(1/15/1932) in an SP airplane crash.
  • TREMAIN M. HUGHES(1/15/1932) in the SP airplane crash with Cpl. Gaines.
  • RAYMOND J. CHIPPENDALE(8/12/1932) when his motorcycle collided head-on with an automobile.
  • VINCENT A. DUNN(9/30/1932) after an auto accident.
  • WALTER A. PURCELL(3/31/1933) in an auto accident.
  • HOMER J. HARRISON(6/19/1933) when he drowned.
  • THOMAS L. CORBETT(08/13/1933) as the result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident in 1931.
  • JEROME B. NUGENT(10/14/1933) from motorcycle accident injuries.
  • RAYMOND A. PLUNKETT(1/6/1934) after an auto accident.
  • GEORGE J. VAN ANTWERP(8/24/1934) after a motorcycle accident.
  • EDWARD L. CUNNINGHAM(10/10/1934) in an auto accident.
  • THOMAS C. LYNES(6/3/1935) in an auto accident.
  • JOHN G. LORD(7/23/1935) in an auto accident.
  • ANTHONY F. LAURENCE(7/27/1935) after a motorcycle accident.
  • CLARK L. LEWIS(1/19/1936) in an auto accident.
  • STANLEY C. GREENE(3/2/1936) of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.
  • KENNETH N. DEVITT(2/19/1937) from leg injury complications sustained in a motorcycle accident.
  • JOHN H. LOCKHART(3/3/1937) from head injuries sustained five days earlier after falling on ice.
  • GERARD B. KANE(11/15/1937) in the same auto accident As Trooper Reddy.
  • ARTHUR A. REDDY(11/15/1937) in an auto accident.
  • JOSEPH L. FITZPATRICK(11/17/1937) in an auto accident while looking for jail escapees.
  • MARTIN KERINS(8/23/1938) of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.
  • WILLIAM T. GRAYDON(9/19/1938) in an auto accident.
  • WILLIAM F. DOBBS JR.(9/24/1939) after a motorcycle accident.



  • ROBERT A. MOORE(7/29/1941) in a motorcycle accident.
  • EARL R. WILKINSON(5/24/1942) during WWII in a military aircraft accident.
  • PETER J. FORMOSA(1/13/1943) in a military auto accident.
  • RICHARD L. HEDGES(7/11/1943) in a motorcycle accident.
  • MILTON (WM. C.) RATNER(7/11/1943) during WWII in a military accident.
  • JAMES R. GOHERY(12/29/1943) in a motorcycle accident.
  • BRYANT P. STICKLES(9/11/1944) killed by enemy gunfire while serving in the military during WWII.
  • WILLIAM O. JOHNSON(4/12/1945) by a Kamikaze Pilot while serving in the US Navy during WWII.
  • CHARLES E. HOVER(6/5/1945) in an airplane crash while serving in the US Navy during WWII.
  • KENNETH B. KNAPP(7/17/1945) of a shotgun wound to the head after responding to a domestic complaint.
  • ROBERT V. CONKLIN(7/4/1948) in a motorcycle accident.



  • HAROLD F. MYERS(12/19/1950) in an auto accident.
  • ARTHUR M. DIFFENDALE(6/14/1951) when shot in the chest while stopping a suspected stolen vehicle.
  • HARRY A ADAMS(9/1/1951) after being struck by an auto.
  • PATRICK F. O’HARA(2/22/1952) of an accidental gunshot wound to the chest after assisting in the capture of three escapees.
  • ARTHUR L. LACROIX(7/4/1954) while assisting at an accident scene.
  • GERARD T. McHUGH(5/25/1956) in an auto accident.
  • RONALD J. DONAHUE(5/23/1959) when his service revolver was taken from him while attempting to make an arrest and was then shot to death.



  • DONALD A. STRAND(9/28/1960) from injuries in an auto accident.
  • JOHN S KELLEY(12/2/1960) in a collision with a locomotive.
  • SALVATORE J. EMBARRATO(7/6/1961) (Tarrytown) in an automobile accident while pursuing a speeding vehicle.
  • STANLEY BUNNER(6/30/1965) of internal injuries after an auto accident.
  • CHARLES “BUD” S. DORRIAN(9/19/1965) in a motorcycle accident.
  • JAMES D. CONRAD(11/11/1966) in an auto accident.
  • RICHARD A. PALLAS, JR.(8/31/1967) from injuries in an auto accident.
  • CHARLES W. PERKINS(10/26/1967) from internal injuries from an auto accident while pursuing an escapee from A mental institution suspected of larceny.
  • WILLIAM G. DOYLE(12/14/1967) of three bullet wounds to the head fired by escapees from the Marcy State Hospital in Utica, New York.



  • RICHARD T. JUNA(2/8/1970) in an auto accident.
  • JOHN G. GEORGE(3/1/1970) when asphyxiated by carbon monoxide while parked at a gas station observing traffic.
  • RICHARD L. WELTZ(3/17/1970) in an auto accident.
  • SAMUEL N. ROWE(5/1/1970) in an auto accident.
  • JOHN F. COTTER(11/21/1970) from injuries received in an auto accident.
  • ROBERT M. SEMROV(1/27/1973) of gunshot wounds While making a vehicle and traffic stop.
  • BRUCE B. McCULLY(9/30/1973) after seizing hypodermic needles and syringes from an informant who had contracted serum hepatitis.
  • LESLIE S. GROSSO(5/21/1974) of a gunshot wound to the chest when he was accidentally shot during a drug arrest.
  • RAYMOND C. DODGE(7/2/1974) after being shot in the chest with a shotgun while investigating a property line dispute.
  • EMERSON J.“JIM” DILLON(10/24/1974) after being shot while checking a suspicious vehicle.
  • WILLIAM V. McDONAGH(12/14/1975) of gunshot wounds.
  • GERALD A. DEGROOT(6/24/1978) in an auto accident.
  • RICHARD M RELYEA(7/11/1978) Tpr. Relyea was killed instantly by a lightning strike. He and other members of the 479th Engineering Battalion, Massena Army Reserve Unit, Company B were on maneuvers during field training when the storm struck. Tpr. Relyea was a Korean War veteran and a 20-year Trooper, last assigned to SP Canton, at the time of his death.



  • ROBERT J. GAYLO(5/13/1980) in an auto accident.
  • JAMES A KELLY, JR.(8/8/1980) in an auto accident.
  • ROBERT L. VANHALL, JR.(12/5/1980) from gunshot wounds inflicted while attempting a narcotics arrest.
  • THOMAS L. BUCK(3/19/1981) after he contracted serum hepatitis by puncturing his finger with an infected hypodermic needle as a result of an arrest for possession of same.
  • THOMAS L. PRYME(7/24/1982) of internal injuries from an auto accident.
  • GARY E. KUBASIAK(8/30/1982) from gunshot wounds to the chest fired by a former mental patient.
  • BRIAN N. ROVNAK(2/2/1983) of multiple injuries from an auto accident.
  • DAVID M. CORBINE(5/23/1983) after he suffered Cardiac arrest while operating his troop car.
  • PAUL ASHBURN(7/27/1983) of multiple injuries when a Tractor trailer struck him.
  • RICHARD B. SNYDER(9/20/1984) after he was shot during an undercover operation.
  • WILLIAM A. BAKER(11/19/1985) in an auto accident on the Thruway.
  • HECTOR M. ORTEGA(11/19/1985) in the same accident as Tpr. Baker.
  • THOMAS F. HUDSON(11/26/1985) when a tractor-trailer smashed into the rear of his troop car.
  • ARTHUR A SCARAFILE(5/8/1986) of multiple injuries in an auto accident.
  • ROBERT G. DUNNING(6/14/1987) when shot after responding to a complaint of a neighbor being threatened with a gun.
  • ALVIN P. KURDYS(9/15/1987) of multiple injuries when struck by a speeding auto while working a radar detail.
  • THOMAS J. CONSORTE(11/23/1987) was struck by an automobile while investigating an auto accident.



  • JOSEPH T. AVERSA(3/5/1990) DETF died when he was fatally shot during a narcotics buy/bust operation in NYC.
  • RICKY J. PARISIAN(5/20/1994) SIU White Plains died after being fatally shot while attempting to stop an armed robbery at a supermarket.
  • NATHANIEL BURROUGHS(2/14/1997) after being struck by a tractor trailer while investigating an auto accident during hazardous winter weather conditions.
  • FABIO BUTTITTA(8/24/1997) after a car crash in which a car driven by an impaired driver struck his car head-on as he was driving home after a tour of duty.



  • TRUSCOTT M. KELLY (MIKE)(5/31/2000) when a tractor-trailer hit the troop car he and Trooper Poormon were in while chasing an uninvolved violator.
  • KENNETH A. POORMON(5/31/2000) in a car accident with Trooper Kelly.
  • RONALD G. HOERNER (9/11/2001) while acting in his position as a security supervisor at the World Trade Center on 9/11.
  • LAWRENCE P. GLEASON(2/11/2002) after being shot by a suspect while taking a domestic incident report.
  • ROBERT W. AMBROSE(12/19/2002) when his troop car exploded after being rear-ended by a sport utility vehicle driven by an alcohol-impaired individual.
  • JEFFRY T. EDELSON(11/23/2003) in an automobile accident while pursuing a violator.
  • THOMAS M O´NEILL(7/6/2005) from a heart attack following a struggle with a suspect.
  • ANDREW J. SPERR(3/1/2006) after being shot by a suspect who had robbed a bank.
  • CRAIG J TODESCHINI(4/23/2006) from injuries sustained when his patrol car struck a tree during the pursuit of a speeding motorcycle.
  • JOHN J MCKENNA IV(8/16/2006) was shot and killed by enemy fire while serving in Iraq as a Captain with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.
  • JOSEPH A LONGOBARDO(9/3/2006) from injuries from being shot on 8/31/06 during a manhunt for an escaped convict and suspected Trooper-shooter.
  • JOSE A ROSADO(1/24/2007) in a car crash on an icy road.
  • DAVID C BRINKERHOFF(4/25/2007) from a gunshot wound sustained during the search of a home for a man suspected of shooting a Trooper.
  • LAWRENCE W. LAKEMAN (8/24/2007) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • SHAWN W SNOW(8/3/2008) due to electrocution while helping change a tire on a fire truck.
  • DAVID J LANE(11/4/2009) in a car crash.



  • JILL E MATTICE(1/20/2010) in a car crash.
  • COVEL C. “CHASE” PIERCE (3/10/2011) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • KEVIN P DOBSON(3/26/2011) struck and killed by a passing motorist while issuing a summons during a vehicle and traffic stop.
  • AMANDA D ANNA(05/26/2012) in a car crash.
  • THOMAS G. MORAN JR. (7/22/2012) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • WINSTON I MARTINDALE(07/24/2013) from complications from an on-duty injury in 2011.
  • WILLIAM P KEANE(08/23/2013) from a heart attack.
  • ROSS M RILEY(11/20/2013) during a rescue training exercise with the Special Operations Response Team.
  • DAVID W CUNNIFF(12/17/2013) from injuries when a tractor-trailer hit his patrol car during a traffic stop on 12/16/2013.
  • CHRISTOPHER G SKINNER (05/29/2014) after being struck by a motorist while conducting a traffic stop
  • DONALD R FREDENBURG JR(03/13/2015) from a heart attack.
  • GLEN E WOODS (03/24/2015) from a heart attack following training.
  • DARRYL J. BURROUGHS (05/25/2016) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • PAUL R. STUEWER (10/05/2016) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • TIMOTHY P. PRATT (10/26/2016) struck and killed by a passing motorist while assisting another motorist.
  • BRIAN S. FALB (03/13/2017) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JOEL R. DAVIS (07/09/2017) after being shot by a suspect while responding to a domestic incident.
  • WAYNE E. BENNETT (08/15/2017) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • MICHAEL J. ANSON (01/02/2018) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • CHARLES R. SALAWAY (06/09/2018) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • NICHOLAS F. CLARK (07/02/2018) after being shot by a suicidal subject.
  • JEREMY J. VANNOSTRAND (11/27/2018) from injuries sustained in a car accident.
  • JEFFREY M. CICORA (08/10/2019) from a 9/11-related illness.


  • RYAN D. FORTINI (01/01/2020) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • WILLIAM J. DeBLOCK (10/20/2020) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • ANTHONY B. ASHE (11/04/2020) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JOSEPH J. MECCA JR. (12/02/2020) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JENNIFER M. CZARNECKI (12/05/2020) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • MICHAEL R. O’DONNELL (12/24/2020) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JAMES G. SWEENEY (03/06/2021) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • SCOTT P. ENSER (03/20/2021) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JOSEPH J. GALLAGHER (03/26/2021) three years after being struck by a vehicle while assisting a motorist.
  • EDWARD T. KILUK (04/04/2021) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JAMES J. MONDA (08/22/2021) while working a marine detail.
  • RODRICK C. COVINGTON (03/31/2022) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • F. BRENT CHOMYSZAK (08/23/2022) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • IVAN M. MORALES (10/28/2022) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • PATRICK J. HOGAN (04/13/2023) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • NICHOLAS A. GEORGEADIS (04/28/2023) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • CHRISTOPHER J. GARROW (06/12/2023) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • CHRISTOPHER P. ROCK (12/3/2023) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • ROBERT M. BURNEY (12/9/2023) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • STEVEN A. TYRRELL (02/07/2024) from a 9/11-related illness.
  • JOHN MICHAEL GRASSIA III (03/08/2024) in a helicopter crash while serving as a CW2 with the NY Army National Guard.