Suspects Fire Guns at Troopers In Two Separate Incidents This Week

In two separate incidents this week, suspects fired guns at New York State Troopers. In the most recent incident on Thursday afternoon, Troopers and sheriff’s deputies were searching for a fugitive in the town of Russell in St. Lawrence County when a Trooper and his K-9 partner were fired upon. Thankfully, neither was hit. While initial reports indicated the K-9 was struck by gunfire, after examination by veterinarians it was determined the K-9 had not been shot. The fugitive was shot dead by a Trooper at the scene.

Not only do New York State Troopers risk their lives to serve and protect the public, but also their K-9 partners work selflessly in incredibly dangerous and difficult situations. We are thankful that our Troopers and the K-9 partner were not injured by gunfire this week.