$25,000 reward info

The State Troopers PBA is offering a $10,000 reward – and our law firm of Gleason, Dunn, Walsh & O’shea is adding another $5,000 to the total – bringing the total reward to $25,000 – for information leading to the arrest of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips, the man suspected of shooting Trooper Sean M. Brown on Saturday. The New York City-based group COP SHOT announced yesterday it was also offering a $10,000 reward.

The PBA works hard to help ensure the safety of our members, who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the public. While Ralph “Bucky” Phillips is still evading police, the possibility still exists that he could injure another Trooper or law enforcement officer.

“This guy is dangerous, he’s scary, and we need to catch him now,” said PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis. “We appreciate the excellent people from the COP SHOT organization for their support, and with the public’s support we hope to get this felon back in jail immediately.” 

The apprehension of Phillips is of the utmost importance, both to the safety of the law enforcement officers searching for him and to the public he could come in contact with while running from the law.

Miraculously, Trooper Brown did not receive life-threatening injuries when he was shot. We are happy to report Trooper Brown was released from the hospital today.

With the offering of this monetary reward, the State Troopers PBA is sincerely urging anyone with information that could lead to Phillips’ arrest to please contact the State Police.

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Updated picture of Ralph "Bucky" Phillips