CNN segment on Crown Vics

CNN has aired a news segment about the deaths of police officers and civilians in fiery crashes in Ford vehicles, particularly the Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis, and how relatives of some of the victims are taking action.

The segment, seen on Anderson Cooper 360, focused on the propensity of these vehicles to catch fire in rear-end collisions. The State Troopers PBA has fought hard to have additional safety measures added to these vehicles that are used by members of the New York State Police for patrol purposes.

One of our members, Trooper Bobby Ambrose, was killed in December 2002 when the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor vehicle he was in was rear-ended, causing the gas tank to rupture and the vehicle to engulf in flames.

CNN has posted the story on its web page, and a link to that page is below.

Click here to read the story posted on CNN´s web site