Gunman dies from injuries

The suspect in a weekend shooting incident on I-90 in Rensselaer County has died. He was taken off life support on Monday evening and died from his injuries.

The State Troopers PBA is thankful no Troopers or other responding law enforcement officers were injured when a gunman began shooting during a traffic stop in East Greenbush (Rensselaer County) over the weekend. Below is an article from the Times Union newspaper with updated information about the incident.

Gunman’s plea: ‘Kill me’

Police give details of I-90 rampage

By BOB GARDINIER, Staff writer

EAST GREENBUSH — The 22-year-old Connecticut man who opened fire on police with an assault rifle on Interstate 90 Saturday taunted police to kill him as he shot at them.

Darrel O. Brown of Hartford remains at Albany Medical Center Hospital in a comatose state and is not expected to survive his injuries, Maj. William S. Sprague, commander of State Police Troop G, said Monday.

The incident that began "as every officer’s worst nightmare and evolved into an extended shootout" began just after noon when a trooper pulled over a Yellow Cab doing 84 mph westbound between I-90 exits 9 and 10, Sprague said Monday at a news conference in Loudonville.

The cabdriver and the trooper ran for cover when they saw Brown, sitting in the back of the cab, pull an assault rifle from a duffel bag. A gun lock affixed to the firearm may have saved the trooper and the cabdriver from injury.

"There was a space of three to four minutes when nothing came from the cab after the trooper saw the gun, and we are speculating that Brown was having trouble getting a gun trigger lock off the weapon," Sprague said.

Officials at an afternoon news conference showed a video taken from the dashboard camera on the police cruiser. In it, shots explode from the cab’s rear window and leave a succession of holes in the police car’s windshield. Brown smashes out the rest of the cab’s rear window with a circular motion of the gun and continues to fire.

A gunbattle ensued after Brown got out of the cab firing his semiautomatic rifle.

"He then began to yell at officers, ‘Shoot me, shoot me, kill me,’" Sprague said. "We may never know if it was his intent to be killed by police from the outset, but it seemed to turn into that."

Brown was shot numerous times by a police SWAT team, troopers said. A State Police sharpshooter ended the incident, firing one shot into Brown’s head from a .308-caliber rifle with a scope, Sprague said.

Brown, who had a juvenile record in Hartford but was not wanted by police anywhere, fired at least 28 shots from the Norinco Model 84S assault rifle with a foldable stock, Sprague said.

When it was over, one shot was still in the chamber and 15 shots were left in a 30-shot banana clip.

"That means that Mr. Brown had to reload at least once during the rampage," Sprague said.

State Police and East Greenbush police fired 20 shots from their standard .45-caliber sidearms, 12 shots from 12-gauge shotguns and the one sniper shot, Sprague said.

In the exchange of gunfire with police that lasted several minutes, police cars and two private passenger cars were hit by bullets. Drivers either turned around and sped away or abandoned their cars and ran, police said.

Sprague said police do not know why Brown, a United Parcel Service worker, was headed to Albany, but said he knew people in the city. Police would not discuss Brown’s family and where they are now.

The cabdriver was able to run away, and no one else was injured.

Numbers tell some of the story of the weekend:

28 Number of shots Darrel O. Brown fired from an assault rifle

33 Number of shots returned by State Police and East Greenbush police

2 Number of private passenger cars hit by gunfire

84 Speed, in miles per hour, at which a state trooper clocked the Yellow Cab

51 Minutes between trooper stopping the car

and police securing the scene

Source: State Police