Letter to editor in Syracuse newspaper supports partnership between Troopers and Syracuse Police Officers

Letter to editor in Syracuse newspaper supports partnership between Troopers and Syracuse Police Officers
PBA, 2004-09-30

PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis recently wrote a letter to the editor of The Post-Standard newspaper. In his letter, President De Federicis supported Operation IMPACT, which is currently teaming State Troopers with members of the Syracuse Police Department. To read the letter, click on the link or refer to the text below.

Post-Standard Letter

Thursday, September 30, 2004

State troopers working to put violence to rest

To the Editor:

Your editorial Sept. 21, "Violence puts police at risk, too," was an excellent and on-point commentary on the realities facing law enforcement.

It was disturbing to hear about the two incidents Syracuse police officers responded to over the weekend. Our PBA members have made the pledge to keep our communities and their fellow officers safe in an effort to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

These types of cases have become all too common in New York state and across the country. Gov. Pataki’s leadership in helping troopers and municipal police officers address this problem is unparalleled in other states. Law enforcement officers are often not acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to their communities.

New York state troopers are diligently working with local law enforcement in the city of Syracuse in an ongoing project known as Operation IMPACT (Integrated Municipal Police Anti-Crime Teams.) With the help of state legislators and municipalities, troopers continue to team up to reduce crime levels across the state.

State troopers have taken the responsibility to protect communities with the knowledge of the dangers involved. Troopers perform to the best of their abilities to protect people from violence and crime. With events such as the January assault on a trooper responding to a domestic violence call in Kirkville, initiatives such as Operation IMPACT will go a long way to protect both the public and law enforcement officers.

As the level of violence against law enforcement continues to rise, the PBA is pleased to work cooperatively with local police departments in the Syracuse area and other cities across the state to put this violence to rest.

Daniel M. De Federicis, president

New York State Troopers PBA


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