More Troopers go to Louisiana

Today another wave of Troopers flew to Louisiana to assist in hurricane-ravaged areas, while the group of Troopers that has been in Louisiana for the last two weeks arrived back in New York state.

Flying out of Albany International Airport, about 100 New York State Troopers (many of whom have already been deployed to Louisiana once already) flew back to Louisiana as part of a special deployment.

Since the deployment began on Sept. 28, New York State Troopers have paired with members of the Louisiana State Police to respond to complaints and calls for assistance in New Orleans.

Louisiana residents have welcomed New York State Troopers with open arms, and positive feedback has been received from Louisiana residents thanking New York State Troopers for their help.

The PBA is proud of the work performed by our brave members each and every day. These particular Troopers, who volunteered for this assignment, are truly dedicated to public safety and are willing to help wherever and whenever needed.

Included above are photos taken by New York State Troopers, showing their partnership with the Louisiana State Troopers as well as some of the devastation they have seen in the area. Special thanks go to Trooper Gary Nuessle of Troop E and Sgt. Timothy Owens of Troop T for sharing these photographs with us. To enlarge any of the photos, click on them.

Camp NY at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary