PBA defends binding arbitration

The PBA made public comments yesterday defending the use of binding arbitration for police contracts. The PBA was contacted by the press after several attendees of a conference on the state’s Taylor Law criticized that statute, with special criticism aimed at the binding arbitration sections of the law.

PBA President Dan De Federicis talked at length with reporters from the Gannett News Service about the sacrifices and tragedies that Troopers, other police officers, and firefighters have suffered, as well as how hard we had to fight to improve our pay and benefits. The point was also made that the Taylor Law provisions have helped uphold police professionalism in this state, whereas other states suffer from a lack of professionalism. The New York State Troopers PBA will continue to steadfastly defend the Taylor Law and its binding arbitration provisions because it benefits not just Troopers and other public safety professionals, but the entire state citizenry as well.

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