PBA Letter to the Editor commends handling of case by Orange County District Attorney

PBA Letter to the Editor commends handling of case by Orange County District Attorney
PBA, 2004-11-16

PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Times Herald-Record newspaper of Middletown, commending Orange County District Attorney Frank Phillips for his handling of a case in which a Trooper was assaulted and threatened. The letter was published on Nov. 16, 2004. A link to the newspaper’s web site, as well as the text of the letter, is included below.


PBA thanks Phillips

The Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers Inc. commends the bold decision of District Attorney Frank Phillips to prosecute to the fullest extent an HIV-positive assailant who threatened to kill a trooper and spat in his face. Troopers bravely protect the innocent public from violence and crime.

However, when events such as the assault of a trooper occur, it is extremely important that officials like Phillips take action and make sure the attacker is properly prosecuted. Police officers can only protect law-abiding members of the public if we have courageous public officials like Phillips to back them up. Troopers have made the pledge to keep our communities and fellow law enforcement officers safe in an effort to prevent these incidents from occurring. Troopers do not want similar incidents to occur and in order to make sure of this, we need individuals like Phillips to fight for the rights of our troopers here in New York state.

This kind of behavior needs to be deterred and punished, and the PBA appreciates Phillips for diligently handling this matter in which the health of a state trooper was at great risk.

Daniel M. De Federicis Albany