PBA members at political rally in Westchester County

GROUP PHOTO ABOVE: Back row L to R: PBA 1st Vice President Don Postles, Ricky Palacios, Brian Martin, Janet DiFiore, PBA President Dan DeFedericis, Mike Reilly, John Hennigan, Tom Roidl, Kevin Gonzalez, John Reppucci. Kneeling L to R: Dave Barnard, PBA Troop K Delegate Billy Staviski, Jason Orlich.

The New York State Troopers PBA is proud to announce our endorsement of Judge Janet DiFiore for Westchester County District Attorney. Your Troopers PBA was well represented at the Law Enforcement for DiFiore Rally on Tuesday in Yonkers, and it was clear to the 200-plus people in attendance that this union was a political force to reckon with. 

Several rank-and-file PBA members attended that rally, and we were all wearing “Troopers for DiFiore” pins and jackets. Also, you will notice in the pictures the “Troopers for DiFiore” banner in the background. 

Judge DiFiore was so grateful for the Troopers PBA endorsement, and we think she will make an excellent District Attorney who will strongly support law enforcement and labor. Special thanks go to Troop K delegate Billy Staviski, who organized the PBA portion of the rally and obtained the pins, jackets and banner. 

Also in attendance at this rally were: PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis, PBA 1st Vice President Don Postles, PBA Troop T Delegate Keith Forte, PBA Troop K Delegate Billy Staviski, Dave Barnard, Joe Becerra, Kevin Gonzalez, John Hennigan, Brian Martin, John J. McCabe, John J. Noonan, Jason Orlich, Ricky Palacios, Mike Reilly, John Reppucci, Mark Robillard, Tom Roidl, and John Somoskey. There may have been others and we apologize if we missed any PBA members. This union is only strong and effective if we are active politically and Tuesday’s rally was a great example of our activism.

PBA Troop K Delegate Billy Staviski, Janet DiFiore, PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis