PBA President testifies at hearing




For Immediate Release, Feb. 2, 2005

Today, State Troopers PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis addressed the New York State Joint Legislative Committee regarding public safety portion of the 2005-2006 Executive Budget. In his remarks, De Federicis supported key initiatives in the Executive Budget and urged the Legislature to pass them. Below is De Federicis’s budget address:

Remarks by State Troopers PBA President Daniel De Federicis on Feb. 2, 2005 at

the Joint Legislative Hearing on the 2005-2006 Executive Budget

Good afternoon. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in these budget hearings, which are important to not only everyone in law enforcement, but also the citizens of New York state who are served and protected by the law enforcement community.

I’m Daniel De Federicis, president of the State Troopers PBA. The PBA is the labor union for the uniformed members of the New York State Police from the rank of Trooper through the rank of Major, and we represent nearly 6,000 active and retired members. The PBA was incorporated in 1944, and while the union has changed and conformed to meet the needs of our members during the past six decades, our overall mission has remained the same: to work for the betterment of our members. The PBA also calls upon our members to work together as an organization to affect positive change. PBA members meet with the Governor and Members of the Senate and Assembly to discuss and promote legislation that will enable us to more effectively carry out the responsibilities to which we have dedicated our lives.

The New York State Legislature has been supportive of the PBA and our brave and hard-working members, and for that, we thank you. Throughout the years you have passed countless pieces of legislation important to PBA members, including:

•binding arbitration for monetary and most non-monetary items,

•benefits totaling three-fourths of a PBA member’s salary in the case of an accidental disability retirement,

•a measure that requires motorists to move over one lane when approaching an emergency vehicle parked along the side of a highway,

•and enhanced benefits when a PBA member is injured in the line of duty.

Our members are appreciative of the Legislature’s actions and understand the Legislature is looking out for their safety and well-being.

I’m also proud to point out that PBA members have received outstanding support from Governor George Pataki. The Governor sees firsthand the capabilities, talents and dedication of our members. Today, our Troopers are New York’s first line of defense against terrorists. They gather intelligence and safeguard life and property, while at the same time still responding to homicides and robberies and promoting traffic safety. Thankfully, Governor Pataki understands that our Troopers who focus on patrol duties are the backbone of protection for the state’s residents. Whether Troopers are on alert for a drunken driver menacing the highway or helping a stranded motorist whose car has broken down, they complete their duties with care, compassion, professionalism and integrity. The range of services performed by PBA members has increased dramatically to meet the needs of the public, and we have the Governor to thank for recognizing and responding to the diverse public safety needs of New York’s residents.

Being a Trooper is a dangerous job. The Governor and the Legislature have appreciated this, and we thank them again for their understanding.

The criminal justice initiatives outlined in Governor Pataki’s Executive Budget are forward thinking and innovative. One such initiative, Operation IMPACT II, expands and continues the successful combination of federal, state and local law enforcement in high-crime areas. The Governor has pledged $5 million in additional funds to this exceptional program. Nearly a dozen cities in New York state have benefited from Operation IMPACT, in which Troopers partner with municipal police officers to provide both increased manpower and resources during times when municipalities need help the most. It has been proven that with the help of our PBA members, serious and violent crime has been reduced in the areas where Operation IMPACT was implemented. Since our Troopers are serving so many needs, it is also energizing to see the Governor supporting the addition of 90 Troopers to the State Police, bringing the total force to nearly 5,000 sworn members, the highest level in our state’s history.

In general, criminal justice proposals like the ones outlined by Governor Pataki have helped reduce this state’s violent crime rate significantly since 1995. I encourage the members of the New York State Legislature to adopt these key proposals within the Governor’s Executive Budget in the interest of public safety. The State Troopers PBA is eager to work with you on the budget and other issues important to our members. We have enjoyed positive and cooperative relationships with you, and we look forward to continuing these relationships in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

President De Federicis testifies before the Joint Legislative Committee regarding the Executive Budget