PBA President writes letter to editor in support of Operation IMPACT

PBA President writes letter to editor in support of Operation IMPACT
PBA, 2004-08-02

State Troopers PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis recently wrote a letter to the Times Union newspaper of Albany in support of Operation IMPACT, which teams up New York State Troopers with municipal police officers in a concentrated crime-fighting effort. The letter was published on July 31, 2004. To read the letter, refer to the text or the link below.


Trooper patrols have been successful 

First published: Saturday, July 31, 2004

In reference to your July 22 article "Doubts greet police patrols," I am speaking on behalf of the state troopers’ Police Benevolent Association and would like to say that our members are proud to serve side by side with the brave men and women of the Albany Police Department.

Although some city residents may have expressed a sense of apprehension toward this initiative, our experience has shown that in many other upstate cities, the additional presence of our state troopers has proven over time to be a welcomed success.

The supplemental trooper patrols have allowed hard-working metropolitan agencies to address the concept of community policing with tangible results. City residents can be assured that our troopers will act with the utmost professionalism. Whether they are combating terrorism in New York City, providing safe transportation on commuter trains or joining the effort to fight urban crime, state troopers always rise to the occasion.

I am confident this will be the case in Albany, and we look forward to a successful Operation IMPACT (Integrated Municipal Police Anti-Crime Teams).



State Troopers PBA