Photos of Tprs going to Louisiana

This morning State Troopers PBA representatives helped send off 100 New York State Troopers who are being deployed to Louisiana to assist in hurricane-ravaged areas. The Troopers left from Stewart Airport in Newburgh and were flying to Louisiana via a commercial airline. The Troopers will be sworn in as peace officers in Louisiana. The New York State Police expects to have Troopers serving in Louisiana for about 90 days, with a few different groups of Troopers rotating in during that period. State Police patrol cars were shipped to Louisiana via car carriers earlier this week.

The PBA is proud of the work performed by our brave members each and every day. These particular Troopers, who volunteered for this assignment, are truly dedicated to public safety and are willing to help wherever and whenever needed.

The photos shown above were taken by PBA Treasurer and NCO-East Delegate Eric Chaboty. To enlarge the photos, click on them.

PBA Delegates Tom Mungeer - Troop F, Billy Staviski - Troop K, Gordy Warnock - 2nd Vice President, Keith Forte - Troop T, Charlie Di Santo - Troop G/H