Reward increased for information leading to arrest of Ralph Phillips

Understanding the imminent danger Ralph Phillips is posing to both law enforcement officers and the general public, the reward money offered for information leading to his arrest and conviction has increased to more than $200,000.

Several law enforcement unions, businesses and concerned citizens today pledged more money for the reward in light of the shooting of New York State Troopers Joseph Longobardo and Donald Baker Jr. last night, in which Phillips is the prime suspect. Phillips, a criminal who escaped from jail in April, is also the prime suspect in the June shooting of New York State Trooper Sean M. Brown during a traffic stop.

“Ralph Phillips has proven once again that he has no respect or regard for law enforcement officers and that he will do anything to remain on the run. His actions are selfish, dangerous and egregious, and he is causing disruption in the lives of the public,” said PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis. “We thank everyone who has contributed so generously to the reward fund, has expressed their concern for the well-being of our Troopers, and has made the commitment to support our mission to apprehend Ralph Phillips.”

The PBA works hard to help ensure the safety of our members, who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the public. While Ralph Phillips is still evading police, the possibility still exists that he could injure yet another Trooper or law enforcement officer.

“This guy is dangerous, he’s scary, and we need to catch him now,” said PBA President Daniel M. De Federicis. “We appreciate all of the support that has come to us, and we hope to get this felon back in jail immediately.” 

The apprehension of Phillips is of the utmost importance, both to the safety of the law enforcement officers searching for him and to the public he could come in contact with while running from the law.

The State Troopers PBA represents more than 6,000 active and retired, uniformed members of the New York State Police from the rank of Trooper through the rank of Major.

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