State Troopers PBA congratulates newest graduates of the New York State Police Academy

State Troopers PBA congratulates newest graduates of the New York State Police Academy
PBA, 2004-06-15

The State Troopers PBA congratulates the 146 newest members of the New York State Police, who graduated from the State Police Academy on June 14.

These new Troopers have worked extremely hard and are well trained to serve as members of the New York State Police. The PBA wishes each of the new Troopers well in their daily patrols to protect and serve the citizens of New York state.

The Associated Press published a report on the graduation ceremonies. To read the story, click on the link or refer to the text below.–troopergraduation0614jun14,0,7883043.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

Newest trooper class swells ranks past 4,500

June 14, 2004

ALBANY, N.Y. — The latest 146 graduates of the state trooper academy will swell the ranks of the state police force past 4,500, though two of the newest troopers have different duty first: with the New York National Guard in Iraq.

Edward Seymour of Hoosick Falls and Robert Long III of Albany will be attached to the 42nd New York National Guard Infantry, which is currently training at Fort Drum in advance of an overseas assignment in Iraq, Gov. George Pataki said Monday.

But Pataki said all of the newest troopers will be engaged in the war on terror in one way or another.

"More troopers than ever before patrol our state’s international boarders, protect our critical infrastructure, patrol our highways and protect us from the threat of terror," Pataki said.

Training in weapons of mass destruction and in recognizing possible terrorist behavior have been added in recent years to the instruction at the State Police Academy in Albany, spokesman Lt. Glenn Miner said.

Initially, the new troopers will report to duty June 21 and spend 10 weeks in a field training program supervised by senior training officers.

The latest 26-week class at the training academy started with 156 recruits. The 146 survivors also contained a number, which was not immediately known, of recruits who were added early on in the process to replace candidates who dropped out of the program, Miner said.

"You’ve been dressed-down, sized-up, yelled at _ even Maced," Pataki told the graduates at a ceremony Monday.

Recruits earn $48,907 while attending the training academy and $52,308 after joining the force. Troopers with five years’ experience earn $66,251 a year.